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    please click here to read info about theft and harassment

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    Sorry about what's happening... But happy birthday!!!! :)

    — Anonymous

    thank you so much!

    please message/report tumblr user not-a-justin-blog


    this tumblr user has accused me of stealing their “cleanse” theme, they messaged me a while ago, and i took screenshot of every message





    after i replied to their last message, they didn’t answer or message me at all. After that I went to sleep, and the next day I wanted to look for their post, to see who posted the theme first, but I couldn’t find anything, so I went to their pastbin, which you can find here (click on “pastebin) look for “cleanse” theme, you’ll see that they posted hers on the 5th of August. Now here is my pastebin, look for my “bonsai, stars, and succulent” themes, you can see that I posted them on the 19th of July, which means I posted mine 17 days before them. When I found that out, I messaged tumblr, but sadly they did nothing about it, I messaged them again, because I found out that they put me in their page called “thieves”, which you can see here. You can see yourself that it is also rude. Anyway, I messaged tumblr for the third time, but they said it counts as “freedom of speech”, which I don’t really agree on. The point is that I want her to remove me from her thieves page, because obviously I am not a thief. I would like to ask you if you could report them, or message them, but please do not send hate, ask them to remove me because I posted my theme 17 days before theirs, so that means I didn’t steal anything. 


Aerial photography by Yann Arturs-Bertrand
    Pass of the Arrows, 2013;
Alexander Nail

Daybreak Glow, Cerro Torre, Argentina;
Artur Stanisz
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